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 Children are the future of waste ....
  In a bid to follow-up on the crusade of
  recycling and waste sorting amongst

 OzzyBosco Brand New LAWMA ....
  The brand new Lawma ambassador,   the7 years old, Wonderkid “OzzyBosco”

  LAWMA Holds Her Annual...
  As part of her annual programme to   appreciate God Almighty, workers of ..
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            Ministry of Environment
            Lagos State

            Lagos State Signage &             Advertisement Agency

           Lagos State Building Control

 The saying that Lagos is a home
 for all has influenced our ideology
 towards creating a caring
 environment for our staff.
 Working at LAWMA is a great &
 wonderful experience. 
  Clean Development Mechanism
 (CDM) of the United Nations
 Framework Convention on Climate
 Change (UNFCCC) for Olusosun,  Abule - Egba and Solous Landfill  sites in respect to credit grant with
 registration number 6672 (Lagos
 Landfill Gas Nigeria)
  Lagos Waste Management   Partnerhip is an inatiative for   transforming the Waste   Management and related sectors   in africa region, a global invitation   to partner with Lagos geared
  towards accelerating the   integration of Africa into a   continuously globalizing world
  thereby enhancing sustainable   development.
The LAWMA Recycling Bank is
our latest initiative towards the
adoption of recycling as a
veritable option to landfill. A bank
which shall serve as a store
house for paper, can, glass and
plastic waste shall be situated in
every estate within Lagos
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