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The disposal ofsolid wastes to land is the ultimate end-point for any waste management system.However, waste landfills should be set up and operated properly in order to minimise the risks posed to health and the environment. Thisreviewprovides an insight intolandfill operations and management in Lagos, Nigeria. Secondary data and in-situobservations at the landfill siteswere used.Resultsshow that landfills within Lagos metropolis are uncontrolled and do not conform to international standards ofsimilaroperationselsewhere in the world. Thisnon-compliance resultintoa proliferation of insects and rodents which allowsblowing of litter thatcausesbad odour andgeneral environmental degradation. These negative impactscan only beminimizedby pragmaticdesign and proper management of landfillswithin urban and peri-urban areas.

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