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 Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has a remarkable story in the history of Lagos State
 and till date, it still continues to make visible and contributory impact in the metamorphosis of
 As an organisation created to achieve, we have not only put to fore the cleanliness of Lagos but
 also unconsciously imparted self-discipline in the lives of Lagosians. In addition, we have amply
 contributed economically by creating job opportunities with over 25,000 staff proudly

Over the years, we have grown in leaps and bounds, multiplying in numbers as our departments increased. Lagos being a city
that is regarded as the commercial nerve centre of Africa continues to attract people, both local and foreign, thus resulting into
population explosion. The ever-increasing population of Lagos ultimately means a multiple rise in the generation of waste.
Therefore, to keep making Lagos a home for all, we have to rev up our performances, hence, our de

For us, the health of the society is the health of the citizenry. In many homes are household wheeler bins, on the major streets are
litter bins, and with prompt service, our efficient “orange men and women” are always on hand to pack the waste. This simple step
of waste disposal extends into the technological aspect of Transfer Loading Stations (TLS) where the waste are later moved in

large quantities to the endpoint of disposal.

Two major areas of waste management services that we are working relentlessly to improve upon are the fields of Medical Waste
Management and Recycling. It is in our practice to hold a Medical Waste Summit annually, like we did in 2009, which birthed the
publication of a medical waste handbook and marked the purchase of a Hydroclave Treatment Machine. Owing to overfilled
landfills, we are fully adopting Recycling as a suitable alternative and ideal option for green living which encourages sustainable
development in the society. That's why we have introduced the LAWMA Recycling Bank, which shall be situated in every estate
within Lagos metropolis to serve as a storehouse for recyclable materials in the following categories: Paper, Can, Glass and

Good citizens of Lagos State, this laudable journey into providing excellent